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MedaStix spare 0.5ml cart for slider vape pen only

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MedaStix spare 0.5ml cart for slider vape pen only

MedaStix cart is part of the vaporizer that contains oil, the atomizer screws directly into the battery unit of MedaStix works with flip/standard vaporizers only



Works only with MedaStix slider only.

Technical information

  • Diameter: 10.5mm
  • Length : 64mm
  • Weight: 18g, Resistance: 1.4ohm
  • Tank capacity: 0.5ml
  • Working Voltage: 3.7V (only button battery)
  • Using Temperature:-20°C--+60°C

Suggested time of screwing on the mouthpiece : within 30 seconds

Functional Description

  • Top filling, screw on the mouthpiece within 2 minutes after filling
  • Work with button battery. Not suitable for auto battery or high Voltage battery (no more than 4.2V)
  • Suitable for high concentrate THC oil and very thick oil
  • Disposable and non-refillable