As the medical cannabis industry has evolved, so has our understanding of uses of the active ingredients of the plant, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol).  Many cannabis users are familiar with the psychoactive cannabanoid, THC, but have not fully appreciated the benefits of the non-psychoactive CBD. 

THC is the cannabanoid that produces the psychoactive high, but also has been used in treatment of insomnia, depression and eating disorders.  CBD on the other hand is non-psychoactive and is used to treat chronic pain, seizure disorders and many other ailments.  CBD has shown to inhibit cancer and bacterial growth; promote bone growth and lower blood sugar.  For certain epileptic patients, CBD has proven to be the only safe and effective treatment for reducing the frequency and severity of seizures.

As with any medication, the delivery and the dosing of the medicine are crucial.  One of our clients, Dr. Alan Frankel, medical director of Green Bridge Medical ( a leading medical marijuana clinician based In Los Angeles, California discusses this issue in this informative video on focused dosing:  

In order to eliminate the guesswork help our patients achieve an accurate and consistent medicine dose, we have invested thousands of research and development dollars to develop the dosed delivery system in our MedStix Vaporizer and Slider kits.  The dosed delivery system is designed to deliver a 2mg. dose of medication per one second, "puff' or click on the vaporizer.

Accurate medicine dosing is also a collaborative effort by doctor, patient and dispensary.  The doctor can prescribe a recommended dose, but it's the job of the dispensary to educate the patient on the potency of the medication they are dispensing, and most importantly, the patient to determine the efficacy of the dosage.  With MedaStix dosed delivery system, patients and doctors can better determine a medication plan that works for the individual needs of the patient.